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Heroes without cape began as a research project for the Masters Degree in Editing and Publishing at the Pompeu Fabra University - Barcelona School of Management. What started as a collection of picture books for the little ones, where stories were told inspired by real people who somehow live or have lived a life worthy of heroes, has now become something of a movement.

We all have super powers. It's not a cape that gives us the hero status.

Under this premise, today, we use illustration and storytelling to inspire and show children that our value comes from within and that a hero can be found anywhere. We celebrate real heroes, with real life stories of all shapes and sizes, through art and literature. ​


The project, under its original title Héroes sin capa, won the second extraordinary prize of the Masters Degree in Editing and Publishing, awarded by the Spanish copyright authority (CEDRO) and by the university itself, in the year 2018.

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