What we do

We're an artistic project. Our focus is illustration and design, and our target audience are the children. We also have a very important charitable component in our work - most of what we do aims to raise awareness towards various subjects that aren't seen or discussed enough (as, for example, it is the case for rare diseases).

Come explore all sides of our work!


Heroes without cape

Here, we develop our children's books collection - each one presenting a story inspired by a real-life hero, we present our heroes of the month and make personalised illustrations for our heroes all around the world!

Get to know which books we've already published, the heroes we present throughout the year and get to admire our gallery of heroes (where we showcase every personalised illustration we've ever done)!


We'd love to develop your ideas with you! From illustration children's books to creating  mascots for businesses, we're available to help you bring life to your projects! Shall we work together?


Charitable design

We also design products which purpose is to raise money for our heroes.


Stickers, bookmarks, postcards, bracelets, etc; souvenirs/symbolic objects that can be directly acquired from our heroes and that solely serve as a way to raise money to help a cause they support - be that looking for a cure for a rare disease, therapies they need to pay for or whatever they need :)

NOTE: No part of the recipe generated by the sales of these products reverts to this project.

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